Brennan is a leading provider of high-quality hydraulic fittings, adapters, and related products. With a rich history dating back over 60 years, Brennan has continuously evolved, combining innovation, expertise, and a commitment to customer satisfaction. 

History and Expertise:

Founded in 1953, Brennan has built a solid reputation based on its commitment to precision and excellence.  Today, they are recognised as a global leader in hydraulic fittings, catering to a diverse range of industries, including; aerospace, agriculture, construction, and more. 

Comprehensive Product Range:

Brennan boasts an extensive catalogue of hydraulic fittings and adapters designed to provide reliable connections in various fluid power systems. Their product range includes:

  1. Hydraulic Fittings: A vast array of fittings, including straight, elbow, tee, and cross configurations, made from high-quality materials such as stainless steel and brass. These fittings are designed to withstand high-pressure environments and ensure leak-free connections.
  2. Adapters: With a wide selection of adapters - engineered to maintain integrity and durability under challenging conditions.
  3. Valves and Couplings: An assortment of valves and couplings, enabling precise control and efficient fluid flow management. These components play a vital role in enhancing the performance and safety of fluid power systems.

Commitment to Quality and Customer Satisfaction:

Brennan places a strong emphasis on quality assurance and customer satisfaction. The company follows rigorous manufacturing standards and employs advanced testing procedures to ensure that every product meets or exceeds industry specifications. By adhering to ISO 9001:2015 certification and maintaining comprehensive quality control protocols, delivering products that customers can rely on.

Whether you're seeking hydraulic fittings, adapters, or valves, Brennan stands as a trusted partner capable of delivering reliable and efficient solutions for your fluid power systems. Explore the brand on Pneumatics Direct; to discover their extensive product offerings.