1 X 1 ORFS X 7/8 UNF M T

1 X 1 ORFS X 7/8 UNF M T

Product code: OR-9120-10-10-10


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1" ORFS Male x 1" ORFS Male x 7/8" ORFS Male, Hydraulic Adaptor, Steel Positional on Branch Forged Tee with O-ring, Brennan


Coating Male
Fixing Holemm 7/8"
Flange Size Inch 1"
Hardness I R H D ORFS
Heightmm ORFS
Inlet Sizemm Male
Inlet Type Male
Inside Diameter B Inch ORFS
Inside Diametermm ORFS
Length Metres ORFS
Lengthmm 1"
Lpm Male
Nominal Bore B Inch 1"
Temperature2 1"
Thread Size C 7/8"
Thread Type C Male
To Suit I Dinch Male


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