Soft-Start/Quick Exhaust MS6-Sv-1/2-C-10V24-S

Soft-Start/Quick Exhaust MS6-Sv-1/2-C-10V24-S

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Soft-Start/Quick Exhaust Valve MS6-Sv-1/2-C-10V24-S for the Soft-Start and Quick Exhaust of System Components. Series=MS, Size=6, Grid Dimension=62 Mm, Safety Function=(* Exhausting, * Prevention of Unexpected Start-Up (Pressurisation)), Performance Level (Pl)=(* Exhausting/Category 1, Performance Level C, * Prevention of Unexpected Start-Up (Pressurisation)/Category 1, Performance Level E), Festo


Bend Radiusmm 3 to 10
Box Quantity 6
Displacementcm3 Stainless Steel
Flange Size Inch 1/2"
Flow C M P H Nitrile
Flow C N M P H 24V DC
Hose Diameter( D N) 3/2 Normally Closed, Monostable
Inlet Sizemm Female
Inlet Type Female
Inside Diameter Amm MS
Inside Diameter B Inch BSPP
Inside Diametermm BSPP
Length Metres BSPP
Lengthmm 1/2"
Lift Capacity Ton Nitrile
Liner 6
Maximum Gauge Pressurebar 1.8
Maximum Working Temperature 0°C to +60°C
Maximumworking Pressurebar 0°C to +60°C
Nominal Bore A Inch Electrical
Nominal Bore B Inch 3/2 Normally Closed, Monostable
Numberof Outlets 3 to 10
Outside Diameter Amm 5700
Piston Rod Thread Gender 1.8
Ratio Stainless Steel
Temperature2 3/4"
Thread Size A 62
Thread Type C Female
To Suit Coupling Size MS
To Suit Hose 24V DC
To Suit I D Inch A Electrical
To Suit I Dinch Female


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